Diolaze – Laser Hair Removal

At Palos Verdes Aesthetics, we believe everyone deserves to truly love the skin they’re in. That’s why we’re proud to offer a wide range of cosmetic skin treatments to patients throughout Palos Verdes, CA and the surrounding areas like Torrance, Rollings Hills, and Redondo Beach. While our aesthetics practice offers sophisitcated treatments for skin tightening, body sculpting, wrinkles treatment, and more, we also offer very pracitcal treatments to address a very common problem—unwanted body hair. If you’re fed up with unwanted, unattractive body hair, or are simply tired of shaving in the same places all the time, Diolaze Laser Hair Removal is for you!

What Is Diolaze?

Diolaze is a new, highly-advanced form of laser hair removal that uses high-grade medical lasers to safely, gently, and effectively remove unwanted body hair. Thanks to a unique combination of technologies, Diolaze is able to target large treatment areas to quickly eliminate body hair while maintaining patient comfort. No matter where the hair is located, or how much hair you’re looking to remove, Diolaze offers a comfortable and convenient way to free yourself from annoying, unwanted hair.

How Does Diolaze Work?

Diolaze laser hair removal uses a high-grade, fine-tuned medical laser to remove hair from anywhere on the body. The device uses a diode laser beam that’s able to penetrate the top layers of skin and target the roots of hair follicles, gently heating the follicles and causing them to die off. This gets rid of hair at the source, as eliminating the follicle prevents regrowth and leaves the targeted area free of any hair!

Our Diolaze device also incorporates a built-in skin cooling surface – one of the largest of any laser hair removal devices on the market. This cooling component helps keep the skin at a comfortable temperature even as the laser heats and eliminates hair follicles, resulting in a much more pleasant treatment experience.

Does Diolaze Require Multiple Treatment Sessions?

Does Diolaze Require Multiple Treatment Sessions?
Yes, as with almost all laser hair removal treatments, Diolaze requires multiple treatment sessions to be effective. This is because laser hair removal works best when hair follicles are mature, and within any treatment area different hair follicles will be at various stages of growth at any given time. Coming into our Palos Verdes office for multiple treatment sessions ensures that every follicle is targeted by the laser at the ideal stage of growth, ensuring the success of the overall treatment and thus creating the best results possible.

The number of treatment sessions needed to achieve success with Diolaze will vary from patient to patient based on hair color, hair type, skin tone, and the area of the body we target, but most patients get the best results from 4-6 treatment sessions.

Where Can I Get Hair Removal Treatment?

Diolaze is a convenient, effective, and safe laser hair removal treatment for any area of the body where you want hair removed. Our doctor can safely use the Diolaze device anywhere on your body, but some of the most popular areas for hair removal include:

  • Bikini area
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Stomach
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Sideburns
  • Shoulders

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Many laser hair removal treatments do cause discomfort due to the heating of the skin required to eliminate hair follicles – but Diolaze is different. Because of the large, built-in skin cooling surface, most patients find Diolaze to be far more comfortable than other laser hair removal treatments. Diolaze’s cooling apparatus is so effective that most patients say treatment is virtually painless!

Schedule a Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Palos Verdes, CA

Diolaze is one of the fastest, most convenient, and most effective options on the market for laser hair removal. If you live in the Palos Verdes, Torrance, Rollings Hills, or Redondo Beach area and you’re ready to free yourself from pesky unwanted body hair, we’re ready to help you do it. Take the first step toward saying goodbye to shaving, waxing, or hiding annoying body hair, book your free consultation for Diolaze laser hair removal today!